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Richard Esman

Best real estate person!!!!! Richard is such a pleasure to work with. He is thorough, very quick at providing answers, available all hours and provide service with a smile. He really goes the extra mile and on top of every detail. He makes buying and selling houses easy.


I am a real estate attorney and recently worked with Richard on a complicated sale with stalling by the buyer and changes to the offer. Richard's knowledge, expertise, input, guidance and concern were superb. Rarely do I seek guidance from the agent in negotiating with the buyer's attorney but in this case, I always welcomed and appreciated his input. He was conscientious of my time with succinct assistance allowing us to successfully complete the transaction. He is A+.


Richard was a pleasure to work with. He was always available to handle anything that arose in regards to the sale of my home. He was thoroughly knowledgeable, professional, and always advocating in my best interest. His experience helped get my home sold quickly and for the best price.


Let me just start by saying that Richard is fantastic! He is detail-oriented, very responsive and most of all, extremely patient. My wife and I just closed on our first house last week. Richard spent 1.5 years patiently showing us over 70 houses! He was never pushy during this process and in fact, he was quite the opposite. Richard's knowledge and experience around homes, the housing market and the various stages of the home buying process was impressive and ended up helping us immensely. He worked tireless before, during and after the process to ensure that we were happy with our purchase. I can't recommend him enough. It would be impossible to find a better person to aid you in the process of purchasing a home. In fact, we even made a friend out of it.


Richard is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and professional. He was an amazing resource not only for finding property listings, but also for guidance through the logistics of purchasing. It was an arduous task finding our first home, but Richard made the process as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend Richard to any homebuyer in the area.


Richard was extremely prepared, professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. He helped me in a tricky real estate situation in which I had to complete a short sale in a very short time frame. Richard followed up with the bank and other parties regularly to make sure the process was moving along to get done in time. I highly recommend Richard Esman as a realtor.


Richard helped us with the purchase of our first home. He was so attentive to us and spent quality time and numerous weekends making sure we were comfortable in finding the right place. He is very generous of his time and very giving. He helped us find our home in Mount Kisco in January 2017. Richard had our best interested at heart and was very honest and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a home, Richard is the person (coach) you want in your corner.


Richard is the most amazing realtor and we were so lucky to have him help us find our home! He spent so much time with us looking for the perfect place and then helped us immeasurably when the time came to make an offer. He is the best and a really lovely guy and I heartily recommend working with him - you couldn't do better!


Richard was professional and hard working to sell our home from day one! He was at every showing and treated our home as if it was his own. He always had our best interest as his top priority and sold our home quickly. His attention to detail was meticulous. We ended feeling that Richard was a close friend and we are very appreciative of his efforts. We highly recommend him!


Richard Esman was the best real estate agent we could have hoped for. The service he provided us far exceeded our expectations and I could not recommend an agent more highly than I recommend him. We were moving from the west coast and had only 48 hours to look at homes to purchase before moving out 6 months later and that was the only time we spent in New York before moving out and Richard did EVERYTHING---(An AMAZING JOB---"Above and Beyond" doesn't even begin to describe him). Richard worked tirelessly before, during the showings, and after the showings to make sure everything was done right and with an absolute perfect attention to detail. Richard absolutely loves his job....he was a very successful business owner for many years and sold his business. He then went into and real estate years ago and does it because this is his passion. It is so nice to work with someone who does things the right ways for the right reasons. I will provide some examples of the kind of service he provided us - (as we lived on the opposite coast): He would personally meet every inspection & person that needed to see/work at the house. He would then report back to us on the results, whenever small problems arose during the selling process (e.g.- something found deficient on the inspection) he had already prepared a solution and called the appropriate people to schedule them to come rectify the problem. Therefore, he would have a solution prepared already before even notifying us of the issue. He was excellent in negotiations and you could tell his past career as President of his large national corporation really helped him become an expert in the price evaluation process and subsequently obtaining the correct price of the house through his superb negotiation skills (his advice got us an amazing deal on the house when we would have paid a little higher for it if on our own). He did an excellent job of providing advice based on his experience while also allowing us to make our own decisions and that is a tightrope that is difficult for many agents to balance. He also did a terrific job of always just e-mailing, texting, or giving a call to check in and keep tabs on us and how we were feeling about everything (buying a house in Westchester county is much different than the many other places we have previously lived in out in the west). I also love how he is licensed in Connecticut & New York because he could really give us an honest look at both places. I have a good friend moving out to work with me in January and I have already recommended him to Richard and they are going to use him because of our high recommendation of him. He has become a good friend, as opposed to just an agent, and that may be one of the highest compliments & recommendations you can provide for an agent. We are so happy in our new home and we owe Richard for helping us navigate this process so successfully. Please consider Richard and I promised you that will not be disappointed if you select him. (Contact Zillow to get in touch with me and I would be happy to discuss with you further)


Richard was a great broker to work with. He was informative, fun, and one of the most responsive people I have ever worked with. My favorite attribute of Richard was that he wasn't "sales-y" at all. He always explained both the positive and negative sides of each property. My wife and I backed out of a deal and Richard never made us feel badly. He waited patiently until we were definitely ready and continued his professional level of service. Additionally, he was just fun to work with and he even bought me a birthday present! I really can't recommend him highly enough.

I had an extremely positive experience with Richard when purchasing my home. He is knowledgeable and helpful. He made the process as easy and pleasant as possible. Richard Esman is a wonderful real estate agent!


To sum Richard up in one word: OUTSTANDING! Richard has excellent knowledge of this market and housing in general. Richard is a fantastic sales professional: He is not pushy and is willing to work with you to find the best solution. You can speak with him on either a business or personal level; He is a very patient and approachable person. Richard helped my Wife and I find a very good house. Richard is very thorough, and follow-through - he makes sure we have all of our i's dotted and t's crossed. Richard also has many contacts of the trade and made some very good recommendations as far as inspectors and the Lending bank we have chosen. We haven't closed on our home yet but we do have a fully executed contract. Richard is also willing to help us sell our cooperative once we have closed on our single family property. Richard was 1000% Instrumental in getting us this far and not to sound cliché but "Keep up the Good Work!" - I would HIGHLY recommend Richard for your real estate needs


I'll start by saying I don't usually write reviews I'm simply to busy and most service is average and not necessary of a review. I've been working with Richard now for a few months and I have decided to deviate from my norm and write a review for he's worthy of the accolades. Richard is a great broker he's diligent, knowledgable, timely and above all else looks out for his clients needs putting them Infront of trying to make a buck on a deal. In a world and business filled with shady people trying to make a buck Richard is a welcome change and you can rest assured regardless of your real estate needs Richard is your guy and will do you right!


Richard is the most amazing realtor and we were so lucky to have him help us find our home! He spent so much time with us looking for the perfect place and then helped us immeasurably when the time came to make an offer. He is the best and a really lovely guy and I heartily recommend working with him - you couldn't do better!"




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